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Roof panel construction for our Medieval tent.

Roof Panel Construction

Construction the Roof Panels for our Medieval Tent We have cut out the twelve roof panels using a the paper template made from our measurements as show on the diagram below. We now need to finish the scalloped edge and reinforce the fabric to hold the ring at the top of the pole.

tent construct..jpeg

We have decided to line the scalloped edge to provide some extra strength when attaching the tapes and eyelets for the guy ropes and also to make it slightly more rigid so that it sits proud of the main body of the tent. To reinforce the points of the roof panels which will fit over the centre pole it is necessary to add fabric This will pass through the ring, fold back down the panel and then be hand-stitch on the inside. We have found, in an ironmongers, a steel ring measuring 72mm internal diameter which we have calculated will take the fabric reducing the diameter down to approximately 50mm. The centre pole will need to be sanded down reducing its diameter from 75 to 50mm creating a taper to slide the ring onto.


Marking the point of the roof panel to make the template for the reinforcing piece to attach the steel ring.


Pinning the roof template ready to cut out the reinforcing piece. Once the template was cut out we marked twelve, on spare pieces of fabric ensuring that they all followed the weave in the canvas. A 25mm (1 inch) seam allowance was added to the sides with a 20mm (3/4 inch) seam applied to the curved edges top and bottom. These were set aside. We are ready to construct the roof panels. Continue to follow our Blog to find out how we get on.

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